Gold Coins

Gold Coins Are the Perfect Investment

As all of us know only too well, we are currently going through a period of difficult economic times. Although there are several signs that things in the world economy may be improving, many people are still having a good amount of trouble making ends meet.

Whether these economic woes are occurring within your personal finances or within your business life, they are making it difficult for you to keep your head above the water and keep swimming strong. Thus, given this state of financial affairs, you may be of the mindset to think this isn’t the right time to increase your investment holdings, believing it might be better to sit tight and hold on to your bank account balance. But although this conservative approach might be advisable in the overall picture of your investment life, there are certain types of investments that would be of particular benefit to you during these hard times. In fact, investing in gold coins could be the smartest thing you could do right now.

Gold Coins

The fact of the matter is that gold coins are in a very bullish period right now. In general, the price of gold has been on the rise for some time now, and most financial experts believe these rising values for the precious metal will continue unabated into the future. The reasons for this are several but stem from the basic fact that gold carries the unique property of holding its value, and even rising in value, during times of economic stress. The reason for this is that, for hundreds and even thousands of years, gold has been the benchmark of value in the world, the yardstick against which value is measured. Thus, this real world and tangible good has gained the trust of people that it will retain its value when other, less tangible assets are falling in price. This trust leads to greater investments during stormy economic times, which pushes up demand and pushes up prices.

Among the many forms of gold that you can invest in, gold coins are one of the most lucrative and valuable. Gold coins are easily bought and sold on the open market, both because they are highly sought after by collectors and because they are a convenient and easily valuated form of gold. Thus, it is an easy form of gold to invest in, with the ability to buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices, leading to significant profits for those who invest in this important commodity.

Gold Coins Make Unique and Valuable Investments

Making investments in today’s economy is both crucial and difficult. Understanding and weighing the risks of different loan types can be remarkably difficult, and knowing just what investment would be the best for your particular goals is certainly frustrating, especially for new investors. One thing that many people are considering lately, however, is making investments in gold coins. These coins are an excellent investment, and offer solid bullion gold that is well known for its security and its ability to retain value in even the most unique economic circumstances.

When you invest in gold coins, you are obtaining beautiful pieces that are certified by their issuing government to contain a certain volume of pure, investment quality gold. These coins are very beautiful and can hold their value quite well. Historically, gold is one of the best performing investment types in the world, showing increases in value even during periods of depression, recession, and inflation. This helps to make gold ideal for any investment situation as well as any economic climate.

When you stop to think about it, gold has been treasured by investors for hundreds of years. Archaeologists have found that gold has been associated with wealth and royalty since the dawn of civilization, and it is still one of the most treasured resources in the world today. Gold coins are certainly prized by all who own them, and they are an affordable way to build a significant investment portfolio. Whether you have a little or a lot of money to invest, the chances are good that you can afford to put gold bullion coins in your portfolio. The coins range in size from a tenth of an ounce to one ounce of gold and they can add significant value to your investments.

What helps to make gold coins unique is that their value is based solely on the rarity of gold, rather than the value of currency in the country in which they were issued. That makes them one of the most secure forms of investment possible. Even if the value of paper currency dwindles, gold offers significant buying power for anyone who holds it. The future of the world economy is certainly uncertain at present, and investors should certainly be on the lookout for investments that offer this type of stability. Gold has long been considered an important part of any portfolio, and in today’s world that importance is more obvious than ever.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Gold American Eagle Coins

Gold American Eagle coins are considered to be the easiest and most secure way to invest in gold in the United States. If you are interested in becoming involved in investing in gold, these beautiful coins present not only a beautiful collector’s item, but also a way to protect your investments against the ravages of the economy, including rising inflation levels.

Around the world, gold has proven to have a wide amount of appeal, particularly as an alternative to other investment vehicle choices. Deciding to invest in gold can be fun and interesting, and can also be a critical way to protect your wealth in an economy that is uncertain.

One of the most important things to take into consideration when you are thinking about any type of gold investment vehicle is how easy it is to resell it. Liquidity is highly important. If you should need to sell your gold investment, you need to make sure that you can do so quickly and easily. This is not always the case with all forms of gold investments, such as large gold bars. The popularity and size of these coins makes them highly liquid.

This is the difference provided by gold American Eagle coins. When you buy these coins you will know that you can sell them quickly and easily in the future if you should need to do so. These coins are guaranteed by the U.S. government, which helps to improve their liquidity and their value. In addition, they are also easily accepted in markets around the globe for investment purposes.

Before purchasing any gold American Eagle coins, make sure you are working with a dealer you can trust. You certainly do not want to find yourself in a position where you have paid for and purchased gold Eagle coins that are not authentic. You should also take the time to learn as much as possible about these beautiful and highly valued coins. The most outstanding feature on the coin is the Walking Lady Liberty, which can be seen on the front of each coin. This image was originally designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens, who was a sculptor and artist and well known around the world at the time. The reverse of the coin shows a nest of bald eagles. These coins were originally minted only for a short period of time, beginning in 1905 and lasting until 1933. The fact that they were only minted for just a few years has only added to their value as a collector’s time. Some of these coins are even considered to be rarer than others. One American Eagle was sold for more than $7.6 million.

Becoming familiar with these coins will not only help you to come to appreciate them even more, but will also help you to become a smarter investor. Considering the rapid increase in the value of gold recently, there has never been a better time to consider buying gold American Eagle coins.

Using the staying power of the American Eagle Coins to stay solvent

Many investors are scrambling amid news coming out of many European countries regarding turmoil and fiscal insolvency. With the riots in the streets of Greece, and with Spain, Portugal and Ireland facing serious economic conditions while the rest of Europe is on its heels, investors all over the globe are utilizing two distinct strategies going forward.

Some are playing incredibly short on certain currency markets, which means they are buying it low and turning it around in the hopes that they can make a slight profit if there is a bounce that goes their way. The other investment strategy in these harsh economic times is to think extremely long term, to find ways to hold value at the expense of explosive growth. One of the easiest, most stable ways investors are using to accomplish this is through purchasing gold American Eagle coins.

American Eagle coins are one of the premiere methods for selling and trading in gold on the market. These coins hold their value, are respected by investors the world over, and make a great investment in terms of both fiscal value and as a collectible. When using gold American Eagle coins in your portfolio, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Coins Come In Different Weights and Denominations

While it is most common for American Eagles to come in denominations of one troy ounce per coin, there are a few different possible denominations available. American Eagles can come with as little gold as 1/10th of an ounce, all the way up to 1 1/2 ounces of gold. This gives the investor great flexibility in determining how he wishes to divide up his holdings.

Remember, the smaller amounts of gold in a particular coin means the less of your gold holdings you have to make liquid if you need the money for something else. This is the chief disadvantage to larger denominations. If you have a 1 1/2 ounce coin, but you only wish to cash out less than a third of your gold holdings, you are stuck. You have to make the entire coin liquid to get the cash you want. This is why smaller coins can be a great way for investors to stay flexible.

Stay On Top Of The Spot Price

One of the things that some investors fail to do is to stay on top of the spot price of gold. With gold American Eagle coins, it is crucial for you to know the spot price every day, to ensure that your investments are bringing you maximum value.

The Most Beautiful of US Gold Coins

The American Eagle is perhaps one of the most beautiful coins ever minted in the United States, which is why its original design from Augustus St. Gaudens has been used on the same coin for more than twenty years. Before that, the design was used for circulating coins. It was loved so much by the American public that it was use for the obverse of one of the most beautiful of the US gold coins ever created.

One of the things that makes the American Gold Eagle so stunning is the sheer artistry of its designs. On both sides, the designs seem to be living and flowing. The details that make them seem so are even more obvious when pressed into the soft, shiny gold. If you really want to catch these details, try to get your hands on an Ultra High Relief Gold Eagle, which was a special edition in 2009. This coin offers even more detail because it is minted from softer gold and is stamped several times in a row to really get the design into the metal of the coin.

Another thing that makes this coin particularly beautiful is that it’s simply totally different from the coins that you’re used to seeing every day. On a typical US coin, you’ll see a profile of some famous person on one side and a medallion-style eagle with an olive branch or the capitol building on the other side. This coin feels much more alive because its designs are so out of the ordinary.

Rather than giving us a profile of Lady Liberty, Augustus St. Gaudens has given us a full frontal view of a beautiful robed woman walking with the torch in her hand. Behind her is a rising sun and the capitol building, and her hair is blowing in the wind. The whole thing looks so filled with movement that it’s captivating.

The reverse design by sculptor Miley Busiek is no less unique and interesting. Instead of featuring the typical symbolic eagle with wings outspread, the design shows a male eagle bringing an olive branch to his mate as she sits in her nest with new hatchlings. The scene is domestic and beautiful, and it also gives a powerful indication of what America is about. It simply shows things about the symbolism of the country that the typical war-like eagle cannot show, and it is gorgeous.